Knobkins :The American Leprechauns

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Finding “A Canvas Of The Minds’ Blog is in a sense familial for me. We all have some hardships and victories that we share alike. Educating others about mental health is ongoing and sometimes tedious. As we share our stories we are somehow and sometimes re-victimized by accounts in our mental health history. What happened never goes away. We learn to manage our lives with whatever tools work best for us. Some of us share the same solutions in dealing with a painful past or present. One of the greatest tools I’ve ever found that is most helpful for me has been group therapy. A qualified addiction of relativity. Being with people who relate and do not judge. A place where we laugh and cry together. An atmosphere of support, love and understanding. I have found through my growing strength that I have been able to help others discover their own strengths and their very own mental armor. My battle has been with physical, mental and sexual abuse(male child sexual violence), PTSD, Bi-Polar, alcoholism and drug addiction for fifty years of my life. I am strong and I am sober now. I kicked ass and took back my life.


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